Monday, 30 June 2008


17 Pitfield st,
London N1 6HB

phone/fax: 020 7608 1333

Nearest tube is Old st.

Opening hours:
1-7pm Wednesday to Friday
1-6pm Saturday

It doesn't sell the trendy eye candy of magma, but Bookartbookshop is a must visit for limited edition artist's books and zines of all kinds, made by artists, designers, poets, and writers.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Le Dernier Cri

if you can get past the really irritating intro page, then Le Dernier Cri is the place for raw, hand printed silk screen, super weirdo art zines - kind of suits me to the ground.
Have a good browse through their shop page

Book Arts at UWE

"Welcome to Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UK
Artists’ books have re-emerged as an energetic contemporary artform over the last fifteen years. Developing from their last materialisation in the 1960’s as a way of bypassing the constraints of the gallery; as a vehicle for the dissemination of ideas and a radical format of bringing art to a wider public through artists self-publishing their work. This notion of making art in an affordable non-wall based format led to the growth of what we now recognise as the artist’s book."

one of their most useful and accessible resources is the links page:

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Artists Books Online

artists books online is a great benchmark for wannabe book artists! There's tons to see, and you can figure out the costing of your own work based upon some careful comparative studies. That said, it doesn't mean that I don't think that some of their work is really over-priced, but then a single 100 pound sale may be a lot less work than flogging 50 books at 2 squid each. It really all depends on your expectations and your aspirations, publishing for the aristocracy or the mass?

Washed up by Heather Hunter

2005. Text conveying feelings about retirement. On handmade paper with found object in a Chinese whirlwind binding. Presented in a found box .130 mm by 5mm when rolled.

One off £60 +p/p £5