Tuesday, 29 July 2008

my submission to ABC

wee book: scanned images and typed stories were edited in A6 size pages and then printed and staple-bound as booklets seen above.
postcards: 4 images edited in A4 size and printed with heavy weight paper, then quartered into 4 postcards.

the last images are some just-for-fun needle work inspired by images from the postcards and the wee book "RoO's Little Book of Twisted Romances", arranged in two 10"x20" 3D frames
posted by RoO

Alphabet book

buildings book

Illustration for this book took longer than i had expected.. I am very happy with the outcome of the water colour and the detail in the illustration. Although when I began to fold the book up I came across difficulties. I also need to look at thinner water colour paper, as my paper began to split. It does have a hand made quality to it, the thicker paper is abit harder to fold. Thre are 6 fold out pages in total.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Inspirational TTC

was browsing through the cool and inspirational TTC (Telefont Til Chefen) zine shop:

"Since 2006 TTC Gallery has distributed, promoted and exhibited zines and artists releated to this culture.
TTC is also a creative art collective consisting of 7 members who all together, individual and in smaller groups publish graphic and photographic zines and books."

don't forget to click image to flip

Monday, 21 July 2008

The Really Evil Onion

another issuu publication!

ABC letterpress

flyer release hot from the letterpress machine in BIAD printroom - for those still around the uni facilities net semester, this will be another area open for you to delve into.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

The 3rd Manchester Artists' Book Fair

The 3rd Fair will take place on Saturday November 8th from 10am to 5.30pm. I have already been sent a booking form, and now need the following:

Someone who is willing to drive (as I don't drive), or take the train with me from Birmingham to Manchester on the above date (to accompany me and our books).

Everyone to start submitting their ideas, post them here, to show that they are interested in getting involved, and having their work distributed through the book fairs.

I will be submitting costs tomorrow! Train fairs (2 people), petrol costs, booking table (only 60 pounds for the day)


SPX - North America's Premiere independent cartooning and comics arts festival. Check the exhibitors page for further interesting websites:

p.s. the poster is from the 2006 expo, but I loved it so much I put it up, instead of anything more recent

Friday, 18 July 2008

bookbinding video

I found this brilliant video tutorial from a German bookart website - luckily translated into english!


Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Roar as an online mini book

Recently added links

Make sure you keep an eye on the related links to  the right side of this blog, as I add more and more interesting sites. 
The most recent of which is philobibion's bonefolder pdf journals, which are full of interesting information on artists/craftists and their techniques in some instances.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Lemon Boy

Hi people! I'm publishing stuff on Issuu as it's a great analytical tool, helping me decide what needs modifying. The cover will eventually be hand written & drawn

Monday, 14 July 2008

my abc book idea

want to create narrative with simple illustrations that link to one through my simple line drawing. The images appear very abstract, and may take the viewer a while to put two and two together, as the pages have to be folded out each time, also you have to remember what was on the previous page. The water colour colours used in the background will reflect the mood i want to be created... i image a series of these books being created to make a set.

Publishing on Issuu

Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Tales Of Tom Bones

This is a concept for my ABC book " The Tales Of Tom Bones", this is going to be the main character in the story. At the moment the storys fine, i'm just trying to figure out what style or media i want to use for the book. at the moment i am swayed to the simple black line drawing.
i'm going to add water colours to a copy of this image just to see if it would work but im going to using quite dark colours to keep to the twisted yet comic story line.
i've got more concepts on my abc stories blog.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

tea for two- a book based around the nostalgic routine of tea

The Roar - issue 2#

The Roar issue 2#, and a request for submissions for the A4 grassroot book section:
  • must be A4
  • post 72 dpi 600 height by 860 width image
  • keep a 300 dpi file to send to me if accepted
There is no money to be made from the A4 grassroots section, as I will buy paper, print and pay for colour copies, and fold and cut by myself, and the selling price for all A4s will be One Pound!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Roar - issue 1#

The Roar - issue 1# brings back a few of my favourite characters; The god of Awkwardness (the one with three eyes in a triangle shaped head), one of the insect gods (the one with horns), and the noseless primate, along with some new characters, the four eyed nosy long noses, and the eight eyed spitting octopus.

rough pencilled and inked with a Pentel Brush Pen, and then staedtler triplus color felt pens magenta and yellow.

printed on a colour copier in Osbornes A4x20 for 35 pence each

Monday, 7 July 2008

Dave Fortune Silkscreen Workshop

Fi emailed me recently asking how the workshop went, so I thought I'd share what I'd learnt on here.
I also googled Dave and found a simple but useful pdf reminder

1, If you want to draw and then transfer the drawing through a photo sensitive screen emulsion, then Grained Mark Resist Film (just like acetate, but with a grain to hold washes, crayon, and pencil marks) is the surface to work on. When used with Rotring Drawing Ink, or faber's TG1, and in combination with meth's (the purple looking liquid) the mark resist will not warp, and when dry the ink can even be sanded off, and worked on again.

2, For getting pictures copied onto film that you've already previously drawn, Folex imaging
And for Duo tone processes lloyd paton

3, The little things I learnt, which I take away with glee: Put the acrylic medium in before the system 3 paint, as even a short time alone the paint will dry. 50/50 mix (which I knew already), flood your screen after every print, as this stops the holes getting clogged. Register using the hinge method, which is basically for multi coloured printing, printing on an acetate sheet first, and then registering your previous prints with the acetate, and once done, then placing tabs on the table, and lifting the hinged acetate away ready to print. This was awesome, it's not new news, but when I saw it done in front of my own eyes with such accuracy, I nearly wet my pants with excitement!

4, Ulon Squeegees are a must!

5, An in good condition trough to apply the photo emulsion, and you don't need to be in a dark room to do this, just one without sunlight hitting directly onto you! Which in Birmingham means no need to worry!

6, Cellotape buff, instead of parcel tape (the latter will ruin your screens and you end up using solvents to take off the tack)

7, Need Stencil stripper for the emulsion - called Pregasol F

Dave worked really fast, no messing around, and all very self contained with all of his equipment - the only two machines he had to rely on was a mono laser printer to get the duo tones, and the light sensitive exposure unit, which is partially broken (ours that is), but he still managed some decent prints - sorry no examples, the other tutors nicked them all!

that's it really. One of those, you should have been there experiences,


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Print Club London

looks like an interesting and friendly place to learn silkscreen printing. Cross fingers and we may get our own vacuum bed fixed and photographic silkscreens back on the go!

Plus http://www.squeegeeville.com/, Screenprinting info from A link I found on: http://www.printclublondon.com/

"Squeegeeville is a website dedicated to the art and technology of screenprinting. Our citizens come from every corner of the world wide web, and they have one thing in common. They are brothers and sisters of the squeegee, practitioners or students of the world's oldest and most versatile print medium - screenprinting."

Friday, 4 July 2008

Andrea Dezso

Great example of tunnel books by Andrea Dezso, who is also an Assistant Professor of Media Design at Parsons The New School for Design. Have a look at her sketchbooks while your browsing!

book-cut sculpture

Another wonderful book-cutting artist, Su Blackwell. In the film section of her website, there's a fantastic example of a mega bucks ad agency using a comparatively unknown artist from London

Brian Dettmer

Once in a while you really appreciate the sense of narrative in book art:
"Brian Dettmer's carved books are intricate creations, which seek both to seduce the eye and provoke the mind. Through the cut open cover of a book the viewer sees layers of specifically selected text and illustration carved from the pages of the book. Through the gaps in an architectural drawing or perhaps the chambers of the human heart, one can see a word peeking through, perhaps a clue to the larger meanings of the piece. These pieces seek to bridge the gap between a medium's form and its message. Dettmer manages to use the contrasting layers of image and text to explore the conveyance of information, as well as being able to get the viewer to examine what that can mean."
an extract from Packergallery.com

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

books so far

I've made some books with different papers, different techniques. One that I think is pretty cool, is the random twice photocopied roar - Put through on text only setting, and then again with a different image with photo (much softer textures)

another photocopied book is raaaa - quick and easy to construct, but not to accurate on the double sided printing

and finally, The Smoking Eyebrow, which is printed on very soft paper, which has bled through to the other side, but leaves a lovely grey pattern

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Simple book making instructions

Sometimes it takes the simplest of instruction sheets to help build confidence, and the following link has lots of downloadable tutorials for one sheet, accordion, pamphlet, coptic and more:
simple book making instructions