Sunday, 7 November 2010

MMU Artist Book Fair

We went to Manchester's 5th artist book fair and it was fun fun fun in the (lack of) sun sun sun! I unfortunately had to leave early but I did take a few snaps before I left...

Our table:

The lovely Helen of Hello Memo, also selling work by friends

Karoline Rerrie's lovely work

Chiu getting excited with the jacob's ladder

Simon Goode looking at our table

Sorry there's not many pics everyone, I thought I had loads more but obviously not! I saw some other people taking snaps so please upload them if you can! :) x

Manchester Book Fair 2010

Some photos of the Manchester Artists Book Fair, with the rather successful ABC stand.

Chius Collection
Everyone elses...
My hord after a successful swap with some of the other stalls.

Finally.. a view from the sellers side.

Cool stuff guys!

Tris' Owls

My three best owls using two semitransparent overlapping colours, flying over land and sea to deliver their letters.

twit twoo