Friday, 25 September 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Me Selling my screen Prints and badges at 'ArtsFest'

Bambified Photography Loves White Wolf Illustrations Stall at 'ArtsFest' 13th September

Grow Pack Artist Book

2nd summer screen print project.
Folds up into a square book and opens out into an A4 poster.
To sell them I packaged them in plastic bags and put a business car, badge and some seeds in side.
I stuck a sticker on the outside of the bag with directions on how to plant the seeds.
I think these will sell better at artist book fairs but I did sell 3 at 'Artsfest' £6 each, which I thought was a good price.
I also made 3 different badge designs and hand pressed them together in uni, I chose a few different colour combinations for each design, I believe the badges were a great success, I made 60 and sold 40 at 50p each.

First summer screen print

'Let it Grow' poster
I ended up with 20 good ones to sell at 'Artsfest' 13th September, I sold 3 for £10 each, so was worth while.
They sort of go with the artist book I've made too, could be sold as a set, one supports the other.
I packaged them in brown paper with old fashioned tags, on which I wrote my details.

something to inspire :)

Just wanted to share this! real nice stuff, lovely ideas!

i particularly like the work of Peter Callesen and Elisa Mora (though anyone who knows me knows i cant resist a good fold or cut of paper! haha)

The work on here by Brian Dettmer, Su Blackwell and Ingrid Siliakus is probably more Artist Book Relevent, but this whole page in general is quite inspiring.