Friday, 18 June 2010

great screen printed books and stuff from nobrow!!

+++++++ just had a mad two day print session with some Thai exchange students - some great work produced! Made me think anyone in Birmingham wanting to print in June/July lets get together - Hey! Why wait until September!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Hey everyone!

I'd really like to take a few artist books etc to Made, at Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 21st August. Is anyone else interested? They're doing half tables for free right now, but if a few people wanted to go then we could ask for a full table (although obviously this would probably cost us money but I'm happy to pay to sell my work). The train from Birmingham might be quite expensive but it'll be in the summer holidays so we might want to all go separately from wherever we live at home anyway. There's quite a few fairs etc coming up/booking now, so if you spot any then please let everyone know :)

Chloe x

The website for Made is in the title of this post, or here: