Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Getting your work at B'ham Zine Fest

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you all know from previous posts that we have a table at the first ever Birmingham Zine Festival collectively, and that I said I'd sit at it. If you want your work at the table then cool! Just contact me at start_today@rocketmail.com about getting your work to me. However, it seems that I won't really be sitting at the table. Here is a bit of the email I got from the organisers:


- We'll be accepting up to 10 zines, comics or booklets from each person.
- We'll be setting up from 11am (fair opens at 12noon). You can bring your zines along at any point during the day, but the earlier you can bring them, the more you'll be likely to sell!
- We'll record how many zines you give us and you'll receive ALL the money from any sales your publications make!
- You'll need to collect your money and any unsold publications from the communal table your publication is on. Again, this can be done at any point throughout the day, but the later the better (the fair finishes at 6pm).

So just to clarify I asked how the day will go, and got this email back:

Hi Chloe,

That's okay! The festival organisers will be selling zines on the communal tables. The idea is for people to give their zines to us, we'll sell them and when you need to leave the fair, you can collect your money and any unsold copies. We won't take any sort of cut from the money your zines make.

So you won't need to sit at the table and sell your zines! You'll be able to enjoy the fair, exhibitions and workshops!


So we won't be sitting at the tables but I assume we get to set them up. Bad because we won't be able to answer questions anyone may have about our work, or be able to change prices according to sales, but good because we will find it easy to go around the whole festival and look at everything at our own pace rather than worrying about getting back to the table.

SO *to put a long post short!* I suggest we maybe meet at 10.30 at New Street Station if you'd like your work on the table/ would like to go to the festival together. Please please PLEASE contact me about putting work on the table, I don't want to be the only one! And people I've been contacting on facebook have no excuse! My email address is start_today@rocketmail.com Sorry about the long post!

Chloe x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010



The London Art Book Fair 2010 will take place at the Whitechapel Gallery from 24-26 September 2010.

The London Art Book Fair is an annual event devoted to international art publishing. Hosted by the Whitechapel Gallery in association with Marcus Campbell Art Books, The London Art Book Fair presents the work of individual artist publishers, galleries, magazines, colleges, arts publishing houses, rare book dealers and distributors alongside a wider associated programme of talks and events.

Monday, 2 August 2010

A new fair in manchester in october!

At the beginning of October there will be a brand new multiple and zine fair, so I thought I'd share the link here:
It's free or at least very cheap (they've not decided yet!) so well worth a look in.

Also, this is a link to a good group on facebook about zines:
It's got loads of info on it about things happening all over the world. Enjoy! x