Monday, 6 April 2009

Bristol Artists Book Event report

A well organized event in four spacious gallery spaces. Met some interesting people, as well as bumping into a few familiar faces, below are some pictures from the event:

Jatinder, Charlotte and Amiee were absolute stars, representing themselves as well as BIAD with impeccable charm and candour. I was particularly impressed with their enthusiasm to explain not only their own work but that of others too!

The work of Carolyn Trant -
this piece by Carolyn uses the very clever magic book idea (opens from both sides) to produce a beautiful concept book

Deb Rindl's work inspirational for it's folding techniques
sumi perera's daughter keeps the stall, while Sumi is out teaching in California. The image below is from a student workshop held in Bejing Academy of Fine Arts

Stephen Fowler going one further than Leeds with his mobile book stall!
The Drink More Gin poster an appropriate message for these times of recession
Our Birmingham based star Karoline Rerrie
Plymouth illustration table
Oxford College