Saturday, 8 November 2008

Manchester! Our first Outing

Yes! That's how much we made, one hundred and eighty one pounds and fifty pence. The Bad news is there where quite a few non-sellers, reasons of which will vary between books - We will have an analytical session for all those interested!

A few mentions, Jatinder sold one at twenty pounds, and was the star of the show - A lady from the Tate gallery collection almost bought one, and even returned to apologize for not purchasing the book - there were several professional reasons why the book may have been turned down - again to discuss!

Roo sold 66 pounds worth, and was the overall best seller - 10 books and 8 postcard sets, and quite a few book of secrets (but I keep the money of those for my train fare) - Roo email me to let me know how you want the money transferred

In a frantic last minute spree near the end of the day, a woman finally bought one of Johan's!

Here are some pictures of our table, I will post more of the event later:

Thanks to Jess for coming up, and making the time fly by with that northern banter! You did well to put up with me for the whole day!


DeadMenDontBite said...

Yer welcome...sorry I wasn't of more use in terms of sales o.< If I'd had something worth selling myself I'd probably have been better! I know for next time anyway...People who actually make artist books should definately go to the next one, since I'm more lowbrow and zine like it wasn't as much my was good, but I feared the craftsmanship that was going on around me o.o


myeyeisonfire said...

Jess is very right!! On the way home, I was shocked at how indifferent most students are to what a) the potential market is out there, and b) the relationship of their own work to that market could be - though most also blindly think that people should be interested in buying??? - I learnt lots, unfortunately if some of you want to do the same, you'll have to make more effort to attend these events!

DeadMenDontBite said...

Aye, I learnt that well made but reasonably priced books (ala Roos twisted romances)sell really do cheap things like Chiu's Roar. Other people, who had very expensive things didn't seem to. Also content isn't so important in terms of, if it's pretty or visually appealing then it will sell (not like if you're doing a kids book or a graphic novel, ie narrative and such wasn't that important). Its more the book as an object than the book as...well...a book. Also its good to have Chiu with you and be enthuasiastic and chatty with people which I admittedly failed at (but that was because I had little to no faith in what I made o.<). Just some key points...but Chiu will no doubt repeat them in his feedback!