Monday, 18 May 2009

Call for Submission

Call for Submissions
2nd Sheffield Artist’s Book
Prize (including STUDENT BOOK PRIZE)
@ Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

This is an Open Call for entries for the 2nd Sheffield Artist’s Book Prize. This is an open submis-
sion prize and exhibition, held in conjunction with the Off the Shelf Festival, which takes place an-
nually in Sheffield during the months of October and November.
The Sheffield Artist’s Book Prize and Exhibition is open to makers of artists’ books in any format
and from anywhere in the world. Entry to the exhibition and prize is free.
Following the success of last year’s prize and exhibition, we are pleased to announce a number of
initiatives to extend the scope of the prize this year. In addition to the main Sheffield Artist’s Book
Prize, we will also award a Student Prize and a special Jury Prize.
All books entered for the Student Prize will be automatically entered into the Jury Prize and the
main Sheffield Artist’s Book Prize. Prizes awarded will be a combination of cash and exhibition of-
The format for selecting the winner of the SABP will be the same as last year. Visitors to the exhi-
bition will be given a voting slip and asked to choose their favourite book(s). The new Student and
Jury Prizes will be selected by a jury.
The exact format of the Exhibition will depend upon the volume of submissions, although it is an-
ticipated that all entries will be displayed in some form during the Festival.
The exhibition will run for 4 weeks during October 2009 (exact dates to be announced).
Closing date for submissions – 31st August 2009.
For further information please send an e-mail to or visit the website where full contact details can be found as well as further information
about the venue, exhibition and submission procedure.
Please note: submissions will not be accepted without the submission form which can only be ob-
tained from the website or by e-mail.

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