Thursday, 17 September 2009

Grow Pack Artist Book

2nd summer screen print project.
Folds up into a square book and opens out into an A4 poster.
To sell them I packaged them in plastic bags and put a business car, badge and some seeds in side.
I stuck a sticker on the outside of the bag with directions on how to plant the seeds.
I think these will sell better at artist book fairs but I did sell 3 at 'Artsfest' £6 each, which I thought was a good price.
I also made 3 different badge designs and hand pressed them together in uni, I chose a few different colour combinations for each design, I believe the badges were a great success, I made 60 and sold 40 at 50p each.

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myeyeisonfire said...

did you sell the graden utensils too?

Well done Daisy! and your post was worth the wait! Try to get slightly sharper pics next time,



those badges look like lollies!