Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Chiu Fold

who dares mock the chiu fold!

as you can see it will make a 16 page book unlike the more common eight fold that is a very common fold:

but my favourite must be weed man:


happyasaimee said...

HAHA!! i didnt even see this when i mentioned it today!!

i swear a six year old on youtube taught me how to do it!! i'm not coppying! honest!!

happyasaimee said...

ps, i do it it slightly different i think hehe

myeyeisonfire said...

I know of that six year old! I was well cheesed when I saw him showing the sixteen fold book - however he makes the mistake of using the back of the paper as one of the visible pages - which basically means you have to print on both sides. My superior method (this is me bigging up my ego against a six year old - yes, I am sad!).
However you could be talking about another six year old (damn those six year olds!)