Tuesday, 29 July 2008

my submission to ABC

wee book: scanned images and typed stories were edited in A6 size pages and then printed and staple-bound as booklets seen above.
postcards: 4 images edited in A4 size and printed with heavy weight paper, then quartered into 4 postcards.

the last images are some just-for-fun needle work inspired by images from the postcards and the wee book "RoO's Little Book of Twisted Romances", arranged in two 10"x20" 3D frames
posted by RoO


My Eye is on Fire said...

Roo that's a beautiful case!!!

If you wanted to sell cases, you could make the products, and I could try a source the boxes here!

Roo said...

cheers, I'm chuffed you like it. you made it sound so easy, selling it I mean. I'd love to sell things like that tho, if possible, or if it helps with the book fair. maybe needs a wee bit of alteration? cuz the assembling might be problematic, smaller box maybe? or just a few of those weird looking dolls to go with the wee book? limited edition kind of thing?