Tuesday, 30 December 2008

single page binding

I clamped my pages between two pieces of wood and a clamp, then used a file to create slits down the spine area of my book. after filled it with glue and placed two pieces of (book binding) thread inthe slits, after pasted it with PVA glue again. left it int he clamps to dry to then reveal the book had been bound. After i just trimmed down the excess thread, and glued some scrim over the spine to secure it.


charls said...

the one i did in the lesson pretty much fell apart! :-(

myeyeisonfire said...

yeah! same here!! hahahahah!

I think there must be better ways out there, or at least better glues!!

Will look out for more. In the meantime I have become addicted to coptic stitching!

myeyeisonfire said...

I saw a vid online, and they were using single folded pages which makes more sense, as the surface areas are greater.