Monday, 16 November 2009

Craig Atkinson TALK & WORKSHOP

Hi all!

Can you please note that preparation for CRAIG'S workshop starts on the 18th of November (and lasts a week - 18th - 25th November):

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From: Craig Atkinson

I thought for my talk I'd mention the following:

Education and lead up to returning to drawing.
Why zines.
Start of Café Royal / setting up a business
Selling other peoples' work
Publishing other peoples' work
Book fairs
The future!

What I'd like the students to do, for the workshop, is to:

Bearing in mind that the outcome will be a b/w zine, document the week ahead [18th - 25th November] in a way that suits them. E.G. photography, collecting, drawing, recording etc. The collections / photos etc will then be collated into a zine called 'seven days'. Each student will make a zine of the same title, but the content and format is entirely their choice.

Although zines will be photocopied b/w, they might have screen printed / photographic images within, or collage, or original drawings etc. Indesign could be used to lay the zine out. The student can decide on the print run, I suppose depending on what is available. A minimum is a run of 10.

The zine doesn't have to be a 'diary' as such. It could be a collection of sweet wrappers found through the week, each carefully documented and presented as a series of b/w photographs, for example. It could be a drawing made at exactly 10am each day for exactly five minutes, or it could be a Richard Long type documented journey, or a
record of gps positions...

I'll bring some artists' books and zines with me to show various formats. I think if the students who want to do this get their stuff together by the 25th, then we can talk about it and they can look through what I bring in, then decide how they want to produce their zine. So I suppose rather than a 'class' type workshop it'll be a discussion,over a table, of ideas and examples which they can take forward in their own time. The main thing is that they collect the weeks bits for their publication and have it with them on Wednesday."


Start Today said...

Will this be at 10 in the print room as usual? Or earlier?

myeyeisonfire said...


There will be a talk in room 201 first at 11 o'clock, and then I think things will continue in the illustration and print studios