Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I tried redrawing the character from my artist book 'what not to put on your face' a few times to try and find a way that was more my style but because I rarely draw people I couldn't draw anything I was happy with so I turned to my sketchbook for other ideas. I just as rarely draw cats but after drawing the Icarus comic for Ink Soup I felt that I could at least draw a passable one.

(click to enlarge)

In my opinion this came out alot better than the first try with a human character. I had to rework a few of the ideas but most stayed intact.
I might try making posters of each panel with 'What not to put on your cat' as the title along with a number and then the act i.e #7 Radiation.

But anyway I have another 6 to draw for the morning so back to work.

(edit) p.s the writing is just there for coherency its not the final type. which I might hand draw


myeyeisonfire said...

with cards, it's fun to play with the back and front concept. On the one side you got what not to put on your cat - whilst the other side could be or else?

Tom Chippendale said...

I like the card idea but I don't want to use it straight off. I want to made the book first and then had the cards as a offshoot of it maybe having nice things to do for your cat on the back of each one and sell them in a little pack

myeyeisonfire said...

if you can get the artwork done by tomorrow we can expose a screen, and print it either Thursday afternoon or Friday around 11

Tom Chippendale said...

Yeah it will be done by then. I can do friday have to come in for my elective anyway at 2 so i can stop by early