Wednesday, 14 October 2009

after Tate Britain, Bookartbookshop

after Tate Britain I'm heading off to:

bookartbookshop in Oldstreet! It closes at 7:00 pm - it's well worth the visit (bring some spare pennies and pounds)


charls said...

i miss these trips!

myeyeisonfire said...

Hi Charls! Where are you! We miss you! I sold your book for my last meal! Okay! it's in my portfolio safe and sound. Which country you in at the moment?

JATTI said...


charls said...

HA!...hopefully you'd get more than one meal for it!

I'm in Australia, in a sleepy little town called byron bay...just been drawing and drawing, lots of little books...i shall post some photos on one of these blogs - not sure which im supposed to be blogging on though! they're pretty different from my normal stuff because of materials and what not! all is good though!