Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sideshow Curiosities

Hello everyone! This is my 1st artist's book on the theme 'collections', 'The Lottie Street Sideshow Curiosities':

You can see all the pages from those images, it's just a single sheet of paper folded, printed front and back so the bearded lady is kind of a poster inside. I'm re-doing the text on the banners as I think it's messy, and I've experimented with screen printing a section of it which I think looks good so I'm looking at simplifying the designs to print them (this is watercolour and so far I've had to print with 3 colours).

Also been looking for artists books in a similar vein to mine which I am inspired by, and I can't stop looking at William Blake's books:

He's one of my favourite artists. I love his work so much because of the beautiful fluid colours and the way that his text is as much a part of the book as the drawing, rather than one being used in support of the other. I've tried to do this too in my book by making all the words part of the images, for example in the banners. Although my style is more contemporary with bolder colours and not so realistic drawings, I draw a lot of inspiration from William Blake.


White Wolf Illustrations said...

love ya hand drawn text x

Start Today said...

Thank you! I'm working on it now so hopefully will look neater :)