Wednesday, 14 October 2009

This is the book I made for the 'One Week Brief'; it is made out of one sheet of paper, and is created using collage and drawing with different materials including indian ink, biro, and watercolours. For the collection, I chose to base my book upon the outfits/clothes I had worn in the past seven days. I'm happy with the outcome of the book, however have gone onto develop my ideas for my book so that the focus is more on the illustrations; therefore, I am still going to include collage in my work but I don't want it to be so much of a focus point.

I really like fashion illustration, so want to continue on with this theme for my artists book; instead of using the clothes that I had worn in a week, I have now decided to focus on the floral trend. I have now started to experiment with drawing techniques and different media, and have started exploring different materials or images that can be used within the illustrations and collage.

As of yet, I have not found any other book artists who focus on fashion illustration as a theme; if anyone knows of any, could you please let me know as it would be helpful for my research. I have found some artists who use the same media or techniques/processes as me, and who produce work that I am really inspired by. One of these artists is Sharon McCartney, who produces artists book out of existing vintage books.

Her work is all created using mixed media, and collage of paper and images to create each page of her book. I would love to create a book that is inspired by McCartney's book as I think each and every page would be exciting and interesting in their own way.

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when searching for research of interest you have to sometimes search laterally - altered books, book art & ephemera, and generally search through loads of well established sites to find what you want: