Sunday, 18 October 2009

hiii.. ..i did some sketches scanned them in and used photoshop, experimented around with the colours, to see how these would look if they were screen printed.iv chosen to illustrate a book about shoes&the different styles.

These are Tymn Armstrong's illustration which i feel my work relates to.probably because of the bold colour and the composition of his work.These illustrated for Threadless.
i also loved Hilary Judd's artist book from the Tate Britain Artists book collection.

Shoebox is a book containing drawings of all the shoes I own, drawn from above and below and housed in a minature shoe box. Shoes are the only garment we wear which retains the shape, the personality, the essence of the wearer. The shoes are a complete variety of shapes and sizes designed for different uses. Inviting the viewer to explore the differences between them whilst having to regard them all in the same category."
Finally just wanted to add iv been looking Andy Warhol's shoe illustration's,very inspiring

Any Comments appreciated :)


myeyeisonfire said...

Hi Kam!

Don't know if you noticed, but all the colours you use fall into an Analogous Colour Harmony, whilst Tymn uses a Complementary Palette.
Simple colour theory:

kam said...

hmmm...yeh, i see what you mean :)vewi true. which do you think works better?.. and it says on the site Complementary colors are really bad for text?. so should i stick with the Analogous colour scheme?..

myeyeisonfire said...

silly question really - you should continue to explore as many desirable options as possible - you never know the outcome until you try

kam said...


Start Today said...

I love your shoe illustrations at the top of your post, I think you should definitely look at the tattoo idea that came up in class yesterday. I think your line qualities are really nice too, I like the variety :)

kam said...

Thank yu :) yeh, it ws a good idea i could do about 6 different ones and then when the books open they all kind of turn into one.. hmm still got alot of work to do..X