Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hi all I've been looking at the theme of journey and how i collect random memorabilia on trips. i have been experimenting with a collage, ink and photoshop and wanted to see how my image might look screen printed. i love the form of old and new buildings merging to form one.

This is an illustration by Kerrie Jane Stritton who's style is similar to mine. i particularly like the colours used as they create an urban feel to the work. She also looks at the everyday and see's beauty in the urban jungle, very much like myself.

"I spend most of my life in a perpetual dream world, my mind drifting through landscapes where narratives start to form. Some spill out as a single image where, within an empty landscape, i imagine what strange incident has taken place. Others are ongoing, larger and can only be expressed within a series of images. i am always inspired by places i visit, but Britain has often been my main inspiration, There are so many different exciting environments but sadly people feel they have to go backpacking up a mountain to experience a "real view", disregarding the everyday. Me? i can almost have an orgasm over an industrial wasteland."

Taken from The Picture Book by Angus Hyland

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myeyeisonfire said...

Hi Tom! Good post to talk about. You've shown two images, one from yourself, and one from a related artist. The big difference for me, is how Kerrie allows the top far right hand white area of closest building to remain simple and clear, enhancing the already detailed perspective - the eye naturally moves into the background - personally, the figure spoils it completely. I look at your image, and both the tonal and perspective relationship feel flatter, more like a map.